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HMS Dauntless

Dauntless Class Light Cruiser

early pic with the hanger installed
early pic with the hanger installed
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Built by Palmer. Laid Down 3 January 1917.

Launched 10 April 1918. Completed 26 November 1918.

Scrapped at Inverkeithing 1946

March 1930
March 1930
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August 1939, little changed since completion
August 1939, little changed since completion
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Dauntless went to the Baltic in 1919 from completion, and was then employed on detached service in the West Indies, followed by the Atlantic Fleet, 1st LCS, 1919-24. After the Empire cruise of 1923/24 she went to the Mediterranean for a couple of years with the 1st Cruiser Squadron, before recommissioning on 15 May 1938 for the 8th Cruiser Squadron on the America and West Indies Station in 1928. However, shortly after her arrival, she ran aground on the Thrum Cap shoal off Halifax, Nova Scotia, on 2 July 1928, and was badly damaged, the engine room and one boiler room being breached. Not until all guns, torpedo tubes and funnels, plus much other equipment, was removed could the ship be refloated on 12 July, towed off by Despatch and tugs. Repairs took until 1929, when the ship reduced to reserve. She was back on the America and West Indies Station in 1930, and in the South American Division in 1931/32. She relieved Curlew in the Mediterranean with the 3rd Cruiser Squadron in 1934, remaining there until 1935. She paid off to reserve again and remained out of service until 1939, when she recommissioned for the 9th Cruiser Squadron in the South Atlantic Command, where she was in September, but by December the squadron was on the China Station. She formed part of the British Malaya force in March 1941, a collision with Emerald off Malacca on 15 June requiring repairs at Singapore until mid-August. She came home to refit at Portsmouth early in 1942, then served with the Eastern Fleet in 1942/43. Her remaining service was in the capacity of a training ship until 1945, reducing to reserve early that year. Handed over for scrapping on 13 February 1946, she arrived at the Inverkeithing yard of T. W. Ward in April 1946 for breaking up.

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